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Obsidian Tarot

Posted: Tue 24 May, 2022 11:44 am
by obsidiantarot
Hi, my name is Francesc. I have developed a tarot reading software for Windows called Obsidian Tarot.
It's FREEMIUM and you can use it for free.
Obsidian is translated to english and spanish languages.

Here's a video preview:


Let me know your opinion!!!

Thank you!

Re: Obsidian Tarot

Posted: Thu 30 Jun, 2022 2:44 pm
by Programmer
Hi Francesc,

I took a look at your website, it looks like you have put a lot of work into it.

My first thought is that it is a bit of a shame that you have chosen to develop it as a Windows application because as such it is just reinventing the Orphalese wheel to some extent. I am asked all the time if I can bring out a version of the Orphalese for the Apple, there is a real demand for that, and I have to disappoint people every time because I have no time to program it. Of course, you weren't to know, but if you had programmed it for the Apple platform I could have passed a lot of customers on to you!

My other observation is that you have used a numbering system for the card images starting at 1, while the Orphalese system starts at 0. It seems like a wasted opportunity for compatibility between the two programs. I can promise you that after twenty years there are thousands and thousands of decks out there in the Orphalese format... But then I had another thought so I offer it to you as a suggestion: perhaps it would not be so hard for you to build in a compatibility mode so the Obsidian would work with Orphalese decks. All you would have to do is check to see if there were a zero card present. If there were you would just deduct 1 from each index and hey have your program working in "Orphalese Mode" without having to change your preferred format or your documentation!

By the way, like most forums, the normal policy is not to allow people to post links to external sites but I have left these up because there might be forum users who are interested in this. I am sure it will be good SEO for you because this forum has a lot of tarot content and it has been going for a long time. Please don't post any unrelated links though and I hope you will return the favor by posting a link back to Orphalese from your site :-)

Best regards

Re: Obsidian Tarot

Posted: Fri 15 Jul, 2022 10:21 am
by obsidiantarot
Hi Richard,

First of all, I thank you for the answer and for sharing everything you think about my program. The truth is that Orphalese has been a great source of inspiration for my work and honestly, I started programming Obsidian as a programming exercise based on your work but I am very proud about my program so I decided to sell it on and on the web I have designed for it.

I understand that Orphalese has its own community and there are a lot more people using it but honestly, apart from Orphalese, all other Tarot software is outdated crap for windows 95 or XP so Obsidian is halfway between these programs and yours which is good for the community of tarot readers.

In future versions I do not discard using the compatibility mode you mention or creating a tool to convert the decks between formats.

Thanks for the suggestion, i give another one for you: Instead of obfuscating your code, you better use an executable packaging and encryption tool, it takes 10 minutes to crack your program with a C# decompiler.

To finish, I published the post to improve the SEO of my website and I thank you for keeping the link, I will do the same for you.