Deck request Tarot Illuminati

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Deck request Tarot Illuminati

Post by Grizzly »

Hi would anyone have Tarot Illuminati to share thank you for any help
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Re: Deck request Tarot Illuminati

Post by thealien »

If you wait a few weeks you can get the Illuminati tarot in the partworks "Total Tarot" here is a rundown of the tarot decks.

Total Tarot is a partworks in partnership with Lo Scarabeo over 78 issues and is available 1 issue per fortnight at £6.99 GBP per issue.
Great value at only £13.98 Per deck, the only thing that is missing from each deck is the instruction manuals.

Golden Art Nouveau Tarot 1- 57, majors in issue 1 and minors 1 card per issue (extra large cards)
Radiant Wise Spirit issues 2-3
Thelema Tarot issues 4-5
Harmonious Tarot issues 6-7
Marseille Tarot issues 8-9
Pre-Raphaelite Tarot issues 10-11
Viceversa Tarot issues 12-13
John Bauer Tarot issues 14-15

Universal Tarot
Illuminati Tarot
Arcanum Tarot
Visconti Tarot
Starman Tarot (premium subscriptions only)(extra large cards)
and many more decks to come.

i have no idea on the issues of the last 5
as you can see each Tarot deck will be spread between 2 issues

Still Great Value for money (decks in the uk usually sell for £25.00 - £100.00 per deck).

and If you like you can scan the decks yourself, obviously if they are copyright etc, don't share them on the P2P. and always make a reference to the artist and publishers if you can....
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