Updating a Shared Deck

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Updating a Shared Deck

Post by MysticEast »

I recently needed to update a Deck that I had shared. Currently the only ways to do this are:-
1) Share under a new name showing the changes
2) "Un-Share" the Deck, thereby Deleting the Shared Deck from the Server and then Re-Sharing the Update. This allows a note about the upgrade too!

Since I used method 2, I note here for other peoples information that if you "Un-Share" the Deck and then Re-Share it very quickly, then the server may actually be still sharing out the original Zip File. I know, since I always download Decks that I share to check them out...

Beware! ;)
I've "Un-shared" again and now I'm gonna leave at least a full hour before Re-Sharing the Updated Deck.


I never knew before that Servers were capable of lying. The server specifically said that the Deck File had been deleted on the Server. Liar! Liar! Liar! 8-|
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Re: Updating a Shared Deck

Post by Programmer »

Actually it is not all that unusual for stuff you see on the internet to be slightly out of date. It is all to do with caching, which is where web servers keep a copy of a file that has been requested and then keep serving it up for a while if any other requests come through for the same thing, without actually bothering to go back and get a fresh copy. So if you want to accuse the server of something then "laziness" is probably more accurate (although the people that make servers would probably call it efficiency!).
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