Important Upgrade for EuroMillions Decks

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Important Upgrade for EuroMillions Decks

Post by MysticEast »

Hi to all those who have downloaded and are using my various Lottery Decks.

An IMPORTANT Upgrade for the EuroMillions Stars Decks - in the "Ghostly Medium" and "Chiller Parchment" Flavours.

I was reading some comments here about Lottery Play using Orphalese, so I decided to look at and possibly update my shared Decks, one of which had been mentioned...
I noticed that the EuroMillions Stars Decks still only had 11 numbers wheras the Euro Lottery has increased that to 12!
This needed a speedy update!!
That is now done!
I have "Future Proofed" all my Lottery Decks by including "spare " numbers which any user can modify themselves by simply removing the "spare " pre-fix.
In the case of the Stars Decks I have incuded "spare " numbers up to 20. In the case of all the other Decks I have included "spare " numbers up to 85.

I chose 85 since I had also noticed that many American Lotteries use numbers up to 69 or up to 75. 85 allows use on all Lotteries that I've seen records for and gives a "Future Proof" of ten...

I also made some other graphic improvements in old Decks and have introduced three new "Flavours" of Deck for you to choose from.
I have also shared 5 Decks with the Designation "Universal", with the explicit intention of drawing it to people's attention that they are fairly easily modified to WHATEVER Lottery you like playing... (but actually ALL the Decks now share this "Universal" and "Future Proofed" quality!)


P.S. - Legal Disclaimer - While I try to make sure that the Decks I share are of good quality and suitable for use, I am not charging you for my Decks or for the work I have done on them. I very much doubt if anybody could successfully sue me for "Lost Winnings"!!!
Just for your information. In the period inbetween the Lottery Change from 11 Stars to 12 and my upgrade, there have only been 5 draws that have drawn the 12...
Now that the Decks are suitably "Future Proofed", I REMIND you that your Lottery Play is entirely your own resonsibility! As it always has been!!!
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