How Do I Create a New Deck

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How Do I Create a New Deck

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Someone wrote to me recently with the following question:

Let's say I have drown a new set of 78 cards and I want to open them in Orphalese, how am I supposed to load these cards as a deck? Also, can I
create a .exe file with my deck, like those that I download from your site?

As I like to answer any questions like this through the Forum I am posting the question here.

Basically the answer is that you just have to make sure the images are in the right format and correctly named. The right format could be any of the common image formats such as .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png etc. The cards should be named starting from zero. Also the single number cards should all have a leading zero. So for example:

02.jpg ...and so on.

You can find more detailed help including how to include extra information about the deck and card notes on the help website here:

To create a self-extracting executable file you can use a program like WinZip. Actually for the ones on the website I use a program called "Install Creator" from a company called "Click Team": It has the advantage that you can specify a dynamic install location such as "[My Documents]/Orphaese Tarot" which will obviously be different for different people. With a winzip executable I think anyone you sent the file to would have to navigate to the right location themselves before clicking to open it.

If anyone would like any more advice about the process feel free to post back here.
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