New to Orphalese, not new to Tarot

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New to Orphalese, not new to Tarot

Post by pooklaroux »

Longtime Tarot reader, new to this program. So far really impressed -- truly the Tarot program I've been looking for all my life. Very excited to start developing my own strips, importing my decks.

Anyways, just wanted to be friendly and introduce myself.

Been doing Tarot since I was 4 or 5 years old. I do Tarot professionally off and on, been doing that since 1989 or so. For the past few years I have been into I-Ching for my personal readings, but recently I wanted to get into Tarot again. I don't always have the time or space to lay out a reading, so I thought a program might be useful. Orphalese is just what I was looking for. I used to have I program, years ago, that you could create spread layouts on, and import scans to make up decks, but it was really tedious, and there was no way to output written reports. Customizing was really painful.

I had actually been looking at LackeyCCG as a framework for doing my Tarot work (and as a bonus, I was thinking I might try to interest people in playing the Game of Tarot again at some point. I'm a really suck player but that's because I only play once every 5 or 6 years, when I find other people who play.) But I don't think I'm going to need to do that now! G!

Anyways, happy to have a great program to use, and a community to share it with.

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Re: New to Orphalese, not new to Tarot

Post by Programmer »

Hi Pooklaroux,

I am really happy you are finding the program useful. I don't normally chip in on any discussion threads that aren't directly related to the program itself, but if you come across any bugs or issues within the program then this forum is the best place to get a speedy response. If it is a "how to?" question I am often beaten to a reply by other users. Suggestions for improvements to the program are also warmly received, even though I don't really have much time to act on many of them (I do keep a list of ideas though!).

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