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Re: Deck "Schema"

Postby Programmer » Thu 06 Oct, 2016 1:15 pm

I thought it over a bit too and decided that the XML/HTML solution wasn't really viable. First of all there is a big problem with changing the format at all, which is that there are thousands of sets of card notes already out there which are in the existing format. It would get really messy if the program had to keep track of different alternatives though each stage of sharing or installing a set of card notes. Actually the format used to be RTF and then a few years ago I changed it to use plain text because RTF was causing so many issues and unexpected results (this was before the program let you upload and download card notes so there wasn't that aspect). On top of that, the card notes are already in XML format, with the notes themselves being a plain text field within that. So you would be talking about having a user defined XML/HTML section within a larger standardised XML body. That would be very hard to work with from a programming point of view.

I think your font suggestion might be a workaround but I wouldn't want to change anything in the file validation for the sake of one deck (as you say, it is there for everyone's security). Maybe you could include a link in the notes or the "About" section of the packinfo file showing anyone interested where they could download the necessary font?

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Re: Deck "Schema"

Postby MysticEast » Sat 08 Oct, 2016 1:00 pm

Hi Richard,
thanks for explaining that. I do understand the problem...

It's a shame - it sounds like having formatted text and pics in the card notes is an "upgrade" we will never see!
I had been hoping that it was one that might come "if we could put enough pressure on you"!

I'll just have to use one of my other ideas...

Those other things I mentioned - about allowing the inclusion of xml files for Deck specific Spreads, Sub Sets or Groups are NOT just for one Deck you know!
Those changes would benefit a whole slew of Oracles and some Tarots too!
I've already worked on three examples and can think of at least half a dozen more, just from my selection of Decks!

I know those changes probably wouldn't affect many "standard" Tarot decks, but ANY Deck that has a Sepcially thought out Spread in the LWB would benefit. That's got to be quite a lot! It would make a lot of sense to share it with the Deck and the Deck's own folder would make the most logical place to store it too...

And as a NECESSARY change to fully enable the use and sharing of new "Groups" and "SubSets" from this new version of Orphalese I think it would be a great shame if it were not done - and soon...


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