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Google (bot)

Postby MysticEast » Mon 23 Jul, 2018 11:29 am

I just noticed a new thing here. I was listed as one of only two users on the Forum. The other was "Google (bot)".

Please can I just say that I very strongly object to the presence of a spying bot, analysing all our posts!!!

This "user" should not be allowed!

I suppose that if you terminated the said "user" account that they could merely open a new account under a fictitious name...
Perhaps there is some benefit in making the real users of this forum AWARE that they are being openly spied upon as they browse and post?

Just, I felt that it is the right thing to do to protest at this Most Strongly!


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Re: Google (bot)

Postby Programmer » Wed 25 Jul, 2018 7:25 pm

It's a feature of this phpBB forum software that it comes with some read only accounts for the major search engines already set up. The idea is not meant to be sinister, it just means that the contents of the forum gets indexed and rated the same as any other web page so that it can appear in search results. So if someone searches on "Orphalese Tarot Personalized Spread" or whatever they might have relevant pages from this forum come up in the search results. Said bots don't have any access beyond basic read only access to the forums, so they couldn't discover anymore about the identity of people who post than it is revealed by their nickname on the forum. If they didn't have this basic access they could only ever see the registration page which they would never get beyond. I think most people probably realize that if they use the same pseudonyms on different websites and different forums there is a risk of a web search being able to discover that it is the same person. I don't think allowing search engines to analyze the actual content of posts should be problematic. What exactly is the possible outcome that you are worrying about here?

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